Second Chance

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Second Chance

Signature Stage

Director: Jonathan Butterell

Set: Robert Brill

Costumes: Susan Hilferty

Lighting: Jennifer Schriever


Aside from Brill's set, Matt Rowe's sound design, and Jennifer

Schriever's lighting, special attention must be given to Rocco

DiSanti's projections which were displayed across the stark

white rear wall throughout the produciton. Used to transport us

to different times and places, the projections ably succeeded in

contributing to the shows's sublte elegance.

"A Second Chance"-Signature Theatre's barrage of original musicals

continues with an intimate look at a Manhattan couple's courtship

Review by Mark A. Newman

On the all-but-bare stage of Signature's smaller space, the Ark,

the actors in concert with projections designer Rocco DiSanti conjure

the Manhattan museums, parks and apartments in which the affair ebbs and flows.

-The Washington Post-

A Modest affair is set to melody in 'A Second Chance'

by Peter Marks